Dealing Effectively With Religious Fundamentalism / by M Levis

Dec 2012

Press conference followed by the guided tour of the exhibits of the Museum of the Creative Process.

Understanding psychology and morality scientifically as in ‘Conflict Analysis, the Formal Theory of Behavior’ and ‘Science Stealing the Fire of the Gods and Healing the World’, by Albert Levis MD, Normative Publications.

The Moral Science shows that motivation is morality driven and that religions, representing conflict resolution covenants, are psychologically generated. Science thus demystifies religions as partial and complementary discoveries of the scientific process and completes their mission of by clarifying moral values as the scientific principles of conflict resolution: mastery, cooperation and mutual respect.

The conflict resolution unconscious changes psychological diagnosis, assessment and therapy. It reforms psychotherapy into psych-education. Conflict resolution becomes the core of education integrating the humanities and the sciences, allowing the use of creativity for self-discovery and for clarity of moral values.

The Science of conflict resolution makes religions accountable to the moral authority of natural laws. It allow understanding morality as independent of religions, hence empowering reason over dogma, marking the end of self-righteousness and fundamentalism.

The conceptual presentation will be followed by the guided tour of the art exhibits of the Museum of the Creative Process demonstrating the universality of the process and its practical applications for education and psychotherapy. The guided tour includes the sculptural trail in the history of love, which retraces the evolution of religions as partial and complementary discoveries of the process evolving in fairness of restructuring family relations and in increasing the abstractness of the redefinition of the divine. This trail emphasizes the shift of paradigms from the many stories people believe to the plot of stories as the universal harmonic. The trail is completed with an installation contrasting three stories, the misleading ideologies of the 20th century: communism, psychoanalysis, and national socialism, with the plot of all stories, the conflict resolution process, the scientific moral paradigm represented by a circular staircase, Jacob’s Ladder.

The participants will address the healing of the world by considering two initiatives:

First, establishing conceptual consensus on the scientific and moral nature of the unconscious and second, encouraging world leaders to adopt the Moral Science-based values redefining the divine as the justice seeking human unconscious.