Insight in One Hour, Enlightenment in One Day, Wisdom in One Week / by M Levis

Jan 2013

January 18 – 20 , 2013   8 – 12 p.m.

The three workshops of Creativity and Power Management, a concise program of emotional education, delivered at the Museum of the Creative Process facilitated by Dr. Albert Levis , and Ph.D.c Max Levis.

Creativity and Power Management is a program of emotional education based on the Formal Theory’s studying the creative process as a natural science conflict resolution phenomenon. It only takes an hour to find one’s relational modality as a wellness personality diagnosis. It only takes a day to achieve enlightenment by navigating the art exhibits of the Museum of the Creative Process, and it only takes a week to complete the training workbook to achieve insights, empowerment and wisdom. The speed of outcomes in the attainment of these difficult objectives is due to the advantages conferred by to education by the new science, the Science of Conflict Resolution.

The workshop activities validate the premise of the Formal Theory on the scientific nature of the unconscious. Participants activities:

• In the first workshop, Insight in one Hour, participants detect their own relational diagnosis as a syndrome accounting for their emotions and behaviors.

• In the second workshop, Enlightenment in one Day, consisting in the guided tour through the museum’s art exhibits the objective is learning about the creative process as a conflict resolving universal harmonic.

• The third workshop, Wisdom in one Week, consists in completing all the tests in the Conflict Analysis Battery and processing the tests by organizing the emotional episodes in one’s life as syndromally connected. The trainee becomes aware of one’s relational modality and in how to manage power to resolve conflicts effectively decreasing the experience of anxieties and defensiveness.

Participants learn:

• About the unconscious as a natural science conflict resolving phenomenon,

• About alternative ways of resolving conflict as four personality diagnostic categories of wellness.

• How to identify wellness diagnoses utilizing the Conflict Analysis Battery, a self-assessment instrument, tapping creativity for self-discovery.

The three workshops will be delivered regularly at the Wilburton Inn’ s Museum of the Creative Process.

Attendance is free of charge