Case Studies

Currently our staff and interns are working on a variety of research projects that explore the intersections of creativity, mental health, and personality. In particular we are working to develop new integrative psychological testing, create more effective models of emotional education, and advance new standards of psychotherapy and counseling.

We welcome people to try our psychological battery and to sample our testing on an experimental basis. To gain access to the Animal Metaphor Test click here, and for the Relational Modality Inventory click here.

If you are interested in purchasing the testing workbook or other publications, please follow this link.

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A series of case studies illustrate the delivery of the self-assessment leading to the relational diagnosis, related pathology and its effectiveness as a therapeutic experience. Presented below are several articles that review patient's clinical experiences. 


Patient A Case Study

Patient M Case Study

Insights From Testing

A compilation of insights patients gained from their personal testing. 


Statistical evaluation of the Online Delivery of the Conflict Analysis Battery