“It worked!  Whenever I finished my assignment, the clinician received it asking additional questions or helping me see a missed clue.  After three sessions he knew more about me than long-time friends and I had gained valuable insights, an unexpected bonus for me.  I feel more secure now, because I know that my own mind can provide the answers to all my problems. I can follow the method of dealing with them…I was led through the series of questions to a solution of my own.  I began to enjoy the unfolding stories and final answers.”

“I was bristling with anger until I picked up the crayons! The anger came from my feelings regarding a composite of incidents that happened over my lifetime; both during early childhood and adolescence. I am not describing an art therapy technique…I am referring to a self-discovery, my own just discovered modus operandi.”

“What came out of these drawings was something I already KNEW intellectually but had not necessarily FELT through any other therapies I have tried.  During the course of this workbook , I progressed from feeling fractured and stressed, having no particular insights as to WHY, to taking identified conflictual patterns towards resolution.”

“By finally understanding this logical progression of my feelings, insights and knowledge gained from using the workbook, my anxieties no longer seemed insurmountable. I saw my true colors spread before me in drawings only I could have created in a logical, predictable sequence.I saw the rainbow of my life shining as if after a storm.  I now knew where to begin to heal.”

“I know now what I need to do to make more resolutions and how to keep myself out of trouble. I have learned how to use power management to my advantage instead of letting someone else’s power management ruin me. I am growing again and understanding myself better than I have ever known myself before. I am learning about myself.”