Enlightenment in one day

The Enlightenment in one day workshop builds upon the Insight in an Hour curriculum by introducing the Moral Science and the Power Management Program. Moral Science introduces a new way to understand human behavior. Moral Science recognizes that all human behavior works to resolve conflict unconsciously. This new conceptualization provides a framework for understanding both the science of the mind, but also the nature of morality. Moral Science offers us a format to scientifically evaluate morality and develop more moral normative systems. The Power Management Program is a training program that guides individuals to understand their own behavioral patterns and to optimize their systems of resolving conflict. Concepts are illustrated with a guided tour through Museum Exhibits, including, The Sculptural Trail in the History of Love, The Sanctuary of the Wizard and of Wisdom. Sessions are held weekly on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, from 1 PM to 4 PM. Attendance requires completion of the Insight in One Hour Workshop. $75 per person. Contact us to register. 


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