MORAL MONOPOLY: The Educational Card Game

The game-board is a map of the unconscious illustrating the four relational modalities corresponding to the four suits and espousing their colors: black for antagonistic and red for cooperative cultures. The four relational modalities are spelled in the board diagnosing each culture.

The six-role process is inscribed on the board with the names of the six roles to accommodate the cards of the eight stories two from each of the four cultures.

The two jokers illustrate the equivalences between religion's metaphors and the corresponding science phenomenon

The outstanding conflict in the Abrahamic religions is resolved by the players by introducing the missing formal operation: mutual respect between the genders. The Abrahamic family sculpture presents the inequity between men and women as defended by the three Abrahamic religions.

The sculpture presents the three monumental patriarchs versus four diminutive women, the matriarchs, and two big birds, the chicks or the concubines; the backdrop illustrates the 9/11 Islamist attack on the towers of Judeo-Christian values.