Museum of the Creative Process
Moral Science Project Gallery Opening Weekend: March 17-19

The Museum of the Creative Process is excited to welcome the community to a weekend of events celebrating the launching of its new gallery, the Moral Science Project. Located in the center of Manchester Village, the Moral Science Project presents the Museum's oil painting collection, including the Henry Gorski Retrospective, and a network of exhibits exploring global traditional art. The Project also features an interactive learning space, welcoming individuals and groups to learn about themselves through the creativity. 

The weekend will feature an array of engaging events at the Wilburton Inn, at the Moral Science Project, and at the Earth Sky Time. The Moral Science Project is located at 3814 Main Street, opposite the Taconic Hotel. Please rsvp at

 Full details are posted below. 

Event Schedule

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Friday 6:00 PM

Welcome fireside discussion at the Wilburton


Saturday 4:00 PM

Opening reception at the Moral Science Project


Saturday 10:30 AM

Saturday morning sculpture walk through Epics of the Goddess on the grounds of the Wilburton


Saturday 8:30 PM

Belly dance performance and workshop at the Wilburton