The Conflict Resoloution Process is the Scientific Moral Paradigm. It reflects the unconscious need for moral order based on a calculus of power management.

Moral order has been traditionally identified with religion-bound moral imperatives. Science makes us conscious of the moral unconscious, as the mechanism of Conflict Resolution, the unconscious psychological need to accomplish social adjustment by correcting deviations from the norm by seeking normative conciliation. Science regards morality as a natural science, the unconscious calculus of power management resolving conflicts. The Conflict Resolution Process is the most abstract way of conceptualizing morality as the innate need to resolve conflict understood as transforming passivity into activity, antagonism to cooperation and alienation to mutual respect. This process is a formula of choices and consequences. 

Religions are viewed as normative institutions, discoveries of alternative conflict resolutions sanctifying particular ways of resolving conflicts. As such they are measurable natural science phenomena, partial and complementary discoveries of the power management calculus of the Moral Science. Religions have evolved improving family relations and the definition of the divine. The history of religions attests to the continuous improvement of resolving conflict in domestic and societal relationships. This normative improvement is accompanied by the increasingly abstract conceptualizations of the divine. The divine figures have been redefined to moral abstraction being ascribed the attributes of the unconscious process. 

Science improves the conceptualization of psychology, while it demystifies religion by comprehending the process. Both the individual and society have evolved along alternative conflict resolutions, always improving the sense of rest, peace, resolution by restructuring social norms, creating a more functional society. Individual and societal growth have progressed along personal insights, sociological enlightenment and spiritual wisdom.