The Museum

The Museum of the Creative Process is a center of creative discovery, innovative research, and intellectual retreat. Located in historic Manchester Village, the Museum brings together a global array of both modern and traditional creativity. Founded and directed by Albert Levis, M.D., the Museum is a haven of artists, scholars, scientists, public intellectuals, and poets. More than just an art center, the Museum is dedicated to understanding the psychological properties of creativity, bridging art and science to gain insight into human relations, interpersonal and intrapsychic conflict.

The Museum is housed on two campuses. The Wilburton Campus hosts the majority of the collection, including the Metaphoria Murals, the Sanctuary of the Unit, the Wizard and Wisdom Collection, the Epics of the Goddess and the Scriptures of the One God, and the Abstractions Gallery. The Moral Science Project Campus includes The Institute of Conflict Analysis, our Training Center, as well the The Henry Gorski Retrospective and the Sculpture Park. An overview of the collection, is available here. An audio guide for the exhibits is available here

In addition to the exhibits, the Museum offers an online emotional education program. Developed over 30 years of clinical research, this program guides the test-taker towards self-discovery and personal growth. We are happy to offer both a free introductory version and a full version, available here

The Museum's Wilburton Campus is open to the public from 10AM to 3PM daily.

The Moral Science Project Campus is only open for workshops and training programs. To find out more, click here

The Museum of the Creative Process at the Wilburton Campus
257 Wilburton Drive, Manchester Village, Vermont

The Moral Science Project Gallery and Sculpture Park
3814 Main Street, Manchester Village, Vermont