Online Emotional Education Programs

The Museum of the Creative Process features two online programs of emotional education. 


Brief Self Assessment


Complete Conflict Analysis Battery

The full program is available here for $50: 

The full program includes a detailed introduction, a thorough analysis of your relational styles and modes of resolving conflict, as well as ten creativity-based exercises with extensive personal feedback, and guided next steps. 

The brief program is available  FREE OF CHARGE HERE:

The brief program includes a personality inventory identifying your relational modality, your wellness personality type, and one metaphor creation exercise which illustrates how the relational pattern unfolds as an emotional chain reaction providing insights. The testing generates a report with recommendations for power management changes to optimize resolutions. 


The Conflict Analysis Battery helps people become conscious of their unconscious. Founded on the scientific interpretation of metaphors, The Conflict Analysis Battery is a theory-based assessment; it measures the unconscious process by using two complementary instruments, an inventory and a set of creative exercises. The battery’s personality inventory measures formal relational dimensions and the degree of psychic tension. The battery’s creativity exercises identify the unfolding of clients' unconscious process, illustrating how people predictably evolve from a conflict to resolution. 

Insights are generated throughout the process of completing the Conflict Analysis Battery and reinforced by the responsive online program, allowing users real-time feedback about their personal patterns. While interpretation by therapists is useful to help deepen impact, the program is designed to be used both in conjunction and independent of traditional therapy. The Conflict Analysis Battery helps clients assume responsibility for their behavior, allowing them insight into their behavioral patterns and the skills to positively change their lives.