Self-Report Validations: Outcome Query Results and Client Feedback


The Query results confirm the on line delivery of the emotional education program as didactic, diagnostic and therapeutic

The query survey below documents the impressions generated by the on line delivery of the assessment to a group of 33 test takers. Accordingly the assessment process is validated as educational, diagnostic and therapeutic without the intervention of a therapist. The test takers recommend practically unanimously its delivery for high school students and for clinical evaluations. The consensus on the pricing of the testing at high dollar value, around $60.00 is an indication of its meaningful service to the recipients. 

The instrument is didactic: the test taker learns about the unconscious and the relational modalities as a scientific conflict resolving mechanism.

The instrument is diagnostic: The test taker finds about one’s relational or wellness diagnosis and becomes self-aware of the way s/he resolves conflicts; one also finds out the psychic tension or clinical symptoms level through the personality inventory. The relational modality diagnosis from the inventory is confirmed and also illustrated in its psychodynamic manifestation through the metaphor testing. Through the manifestation of one’s emotions along the testing we recognize that distressed dominant individuals experience anxiety and that submissive become hostile.

The instrument is therapeutic: The testee first has a cathartic emotional experience completing the testing. S/he evolves insights and identifies through one’s metaphors the type of conflict resolution changes needed to improve one’s wellbeing, emotional and social adjustment. Individuals report relief of emotional tension upon completion of the testing.

 Attaining these functions the ‘Wizard’ self-assessment represents a concise program of emotional education fulfilling the objectives of education: the integration of the humanities and the rigorous sciences, self-knowledge and clarity on moral values, while also attaining the objectives of therapy: emotional healing and social adjustment.

The extraordinary approval of the assessment validates the underlying science. The creative process is demonstrated to be a measurable entity following the three formal operations. The measurement of the operations by the inventory is diagnostic of the relational modality. 

The assessment is therapeutic because it reconstructs the dialectic process of the mental oscillation’s six emotions as the syndromal unfolding of emotions and behaviors present upon the integration of metaphors into the syndromal entity portrayed in the six-role template.  

Thus the two types of tests, the inventory and the projectives, validate the thesis of the natural science moral unconscious: it is a conflict resolution process guided by three formal operations that unfolds along a six role state emotional dialectic. This direction of thinking reflects the unconscious as not only being a natural science entity but also as having an adjustive or moral and therapeutic function.

Once the test-taker becomes conscious of the unconscious as relational choices self-awareness predictably seeks to modify ineffectiveness along the three principles of conflict resolution: mastery, cooperation and mutual respect.

From the query responses we may conclude that the ‘Wizard’ self-assessment is educational: it helps the test taker to learn about behavior; it is diagnostic; one identifies her relational modality; also it is therapeutic; it leads the test-taker to identify changes and to be motivated to pursue them.

It is very significant that the assessment conveys information, generates insights and facilitates corrective changes without a therapist or educator’s services. 


It really makes you look at yourself and asses whats going on in your life, it was a good experience and I hope I can improve my quality of life by making gradual changes to how I think about things

It's been an interesting experience! I feel like I've learned some new things about myself, and had the change to look at myself in a new way. I definitely feel emotionally exhausted, so I think my emotions and inner self got a good workout in!

I thought this experience was very unique. I am surprised I was able to learn so much about myself that I didn't realize. I never knew that events from my past really shaped the life I have now. You don't really see the connections as you are going through them, but see the pictures and what I wrote laid out in a sequence was eye-opening.

I think it was a great program to find out about oneself. It was kind of like digital meditation. I was able to recall and think about past memories and visualize them with the drawings.

This was a wonderful take on my life and the way I think about things.  I am very thankful for the opportunity because it has shined a new light on what I'm willing to say and do in order to make things more enjoyable for me in life...  Thank You.

this helped get a lot of feeling out. i learned somethings about myself like i'm not a good drawer, but i digress. this was a fun and interesting way of learning those things. i feel like some weight has been lifted.

I think this was a fun way to force myself to look inwards, both implicitly and explicitly, to learn about my inner workings and motivations in life.

I was surprised at how hard it was for me to think of things to draw. I thought the hard part would be actually drawing them. Some of the things I drew really didn't have much bearing on my life, because I didn't realize at first that they were supposed to, but in the later parts I did learn a little about myself. It might have been easier if I'd been doing the task in person, though. Then I could have talked my responses out with someone else, and I could have conveniently drawn the pictures by hand. (We do have a scanner, but it's in Mom's room, and I don't necessarily want her to see all my responses to this.)

It was hard at times, but there was a reoccurring theme throughout my life that became more apparent as the study progressed. I will continue to be kind to myself, and to protect myself from people that are not healthy for me.

Its interesting to see everything come together and explained.

This was very interesting!  I did not know what to expect going in, but I actually had a lot of fun participating.  I knew a lot of these things already, but some of my drawings really surprised me when I was asked to talk more in depth about them.

It has been interesting and enlightening!

I really enjoyed it.  I am not very good and the drawing part of it but i enjoyed trying and thinking about the different scenarious

It is impressive to me how things from different exercises came together to form a coherent statement about the way I handle myself and other people. At first, some of the drawings and the point of them was slightly confusing because I didn't know how it was going to come together in the end. However, the farther I went, the more it made sense and gave me an interesting insight into my own head. Not only did I have to confront some less than pleasant memories, but I was able to handle them in a way that gave me creative freedom to express it as I needed to. Exaggerating some things and downplaying other things. It tells me that I've been hiding in a turtle shell for goodness knows how long and seem to have forgotten how to come out of it. I am already making some small, manageable changes to try and attain the things I want out of social relationships, but they are baby steps. This gives me an idea of how I can continue and where I can go with it. The better I know myself, the better I can be at showing others who I am.

I am kind of saddened. I see a lonely person who has shut herself out. I don't know if I am over reading it. IT is a lot of information but it seems like the information combined is familiar to me even though this is my first time reading it. I wish I had more information of what it all means and advise on how to address issues I think I see in it.

It was very interesting and provocative.

I need to talk about how I feel

It exhausted me. :) The drawings are a lot of work. My mind keeps flashing the drawing of my mom and I holding hands in the bedroom on the last night I saw her 28 years ago, and not in a good way. It just keeps flashing and making me sad. Sometimes I hoped to have put behind me just weeks ago after I came out of being depressed. It made me incredibly upset and sad to draw it.    but maybe there's a reason my mind latched onto that one picture. Perhaps seeing it often in my head will make that memory fade more. I don't know, that was a pretty huge memory. Again, I think writing it out helped on on level, and I probably needed that.

I have been given an insight to my character that I had not realized before.  As much as I was trying to avoid it, I was becoming like my mother and father.  I wanted to control my finances and blame my husband if things did not work out the way I wanted them to.  I need to be less controlling and not bottle up my feelings.  I need to be more understanding and listen to my husbands wants a desires as well.  I need to experience life and not be afraid of it.  I need to meet new people and be open to new friendships.  Life is always changing and I need to accept the change and either move with it or move beyond it.

I am happy with the experience. It was great to go through

This has helped my to change the way I think and to let go of old news and to better myself for the future

I feel like it opened my eyes to seeing how I react to certain things and situations. I have been able to pinpoint feelings that I have had or see myself in other's situations. I can tell how I have been acting and how I actually should be acting when it comes to certain situations or feeling different emotions.

I think it was a great way to explore yourself

This was a great learning exercise.  It is very thorough and covers a lot of ground.  I love that in the end I can see my scores and how everything came together and was related in the end.  Very interesting indeed.

I learned a great deal about myself. I went into the program thinking that drawing a bunch of pictures was going to be useless. I thought it was just a glorified art project. I was very wrong. Sketching out the ideas helped me put a picture to my thoughts and feelings. When I looked at the pictures I was able to articulate feelings I didn't even realize I had. I feel like I was able to see how I truly am. This was great because it allowed me to see areas I can improve in. Like a cat, I am a solitary animal. I shy away from people and am self absorbed. I now realize that I can have more fulfilling relationships by opening up to people.

It was interesting experience to know myself more as a whole. After the writing process I noticed that what I answered in the bubble questions were not so accurate.

This was an amazing experience. It's sad but if I hadn't been paid via mTurk to try this I wouldn't have. Now I can't imagine not doing it. It's been so long since I allowed myself to doodle or play with ideas. I needed to do that though to get in touch with that other aspect of myself. I will be using what I learned here in the future.

It opens up my mind and lay my life out for me in a path that I can see and understand, I now know the importance of the steps that I went through in my life. All are important and are steps for me to complete my life and have a proper path. Without writing it down, it is all a jumbled mess. I am glad to participate in this project, it helps me with my healing process.

I found it very disturbing. I do not like reflecting on bad experiences in my life as it brings me down severely. Though the process clarifies some things I feel I am on the right track and should not dwell on past things. I have learned from them and can move on and should move on.

It did help explore my inner-self and try to find the roots of my problems and why I am the way I am.  By focusing on the root, I can find the solution to lessen its impact on me and use it to sprout up great fruit for the future.

It has been exhausting to be honest. I realize as I read through everything I wrote that I have a serious issue with trust. I have been so afraid to trust people that I do not tell them how I really feel and this has hurt me. I have mentioned conflict and trust in my previous relationships so many times that I realize I have put up a wall and that only I can take it down and free myself from the restrictions I have placed on revealing my true feelings to people. I need to not be so afraid to be myself completely. It has taken a long time to go through this process (nearly 9 hours!) but it has been insightful.

That I wish I had more to write about but at least I got to reflect a bit and realize a bit more what I have to do.

It was nice to really pinpoint where my character flaws were and come up with a plan to fix them.

I never really thought of how my Dad leaving affected me to the point where I have to protect my Mom and never say no but also enable my Dad because I am afraid he will leave again.  I realize how I live my life for others and not myself and how I don't think i am as important as other peoples needs

I can see some things that I need to change.

This was really neat. I was confused at times but I got it together. I have been told I need to make changes and from this I can tell I need to as well.

I think it can be rare to reflect on your life. It allowed me to analyze my experiences and trust in my decision making process.

This was a really fascinating learning exercise. I've not often thought about aspects of my personality in the context of my entire life, or with how I handle conflict. As someone who loves literature and film, it's easy for me to escape into a fictional world, but I think the real draw for fictional worlds, to me, has always been how they reflect certain aspects of our real lives, and of humanity. These exercises have given me not just a better understanding of myself, but of how I process real life situations through the lens of fiction.

I like this program, but I could have done without the art portion. I tried my best to be creative; however, art is not my strong suit. Having to draw reaffirmed my beliefs that I am horrible at it, but the program overall was a pleasant experience that I believe I will carry with me and use to make myself a better person.

I'm fucking exhausted, not to put too fine a point on things. This is something I might have done over days or weeks with a therapist, and really should have had a much longer HIT timer. 20 hours is NOT sufficient for this much self-examination.     I found out that I can tell some of the hardest stories without triggering the old emotions to the same overwhelming extreme. It's still not fun, and not something I'm going to do on the regular, but it's nice to know that the scary things don't actually have that much power anymore. I'm recognizing that I'm a lot more comfortable speaking my mind than I used to be, and I've done a pretty good job of surrounding myself with people who can handle my level of bluntness. Choosing my battles is a skill I've also refined and put to good use.

 There is a lot of good discussion that came from this, a lot of externalizing the things that I've been internalizing so that was good.