The Moral Science Project

The Moral Science Project, Gallery and Sculpture Park is an interactive learning center that combines experiencing art, being creative, and learning about oneself. The Moral Science Project houses the following three areas of creative exploration: 

The Exhibits. The Henry Gorski Retrospective and the Eden Sculpture Park present an introduction to a new way of looking at art and a validation of a new understanding of how we experience being creative. These experiential exhibits share the life-stories of two artists. The Henry Gorski Retrospective showcases the work of one of the most well-regarded figurative expressionists. Vivid, challenging, and captivating, the more than 100 canvasses chronicle the artist's life struggles and achievements. The Eden Sculpture Park presents the personal odyssey of Albert Levis, MD, the founder and curator of the Museum of the Creative Process. Sprawling over four acres of forest, the Eden Sculpture Park traces Levis' survival during the Holocaust, his professional career, family life, and conceptual innovations. 

The Training Center. The Moral Science Project provides training using the Power Management Program, an online emotional education tool. Developed over thirty years of clinical research, the Power Management Program is a resource that provides diagnostic and therepeutic benefits, helping people to understand their creative response patterns to conflict. In addition, the Moral Science Project welcomes visitors that want to discover the Moral Monopoly Card Game, a culture educational roll-playing game. 

The Institute of Conflict Analysis. The research branch of the Museum of the Creative Process, the Institute of Conflict Analysis organizes research about emotional education, psychotherapy outcome research, and directs internship placement and publications. The Moral Science Project is located at 3814 Main Street, across from the Taconic Hotel. 

The Moral Science Project is located at 3814 Main Street in Manchester Village, Vermont, directly across from the Taconic Hotel.