Wizard and Wisdom

Sculptures of the One God

The Sculptural Cycles retrace the history of the family institution and the history of love. They represent restructurings of the domestic relationship. Religions are seen as moral discoveries that shift paradigms in two ways: 1. The restructuring of domestic roles 2. The attribution of this order to a higher power, progressively redefining this power more abstractly. Each sequence elevates humanity into a more abstract conceptualization of the universal moral order than the last. Finally, science makes us conscious of the unconscious. 

Sculptural trail: wizard and scale, fairy tale, epics of goddess, bible walk, abstract art, healing mo


This series of sculptures demonstrates the three Formal Operations of the Formal Theory. They are highly symmetrical, showing forms of conflict resolution. For more information about the science behind the Formal Theory, click here.


Operation of Negation

This sculpture illustrates the principle of negation. The pivoting stone represents the concepts of cooperation and antagonism as the clockwise and counter-clockwise movements of the stone around its axis.

Operation of Correlation

This sculpture illustrates the principle of correlation. The stone may be suspended on the notches of the vertical post. The variation along this axis illustrates one's position on the totem pole; the differences between experiencing alienation (on the bottom) versus mutual respect (in the middle).

Operation of Reciprocity

The positions of passivity and activity are in reciprocal relationship to each other.


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