Symbolic Universe

The Conflict Analysis Battery Taps Creativity to Reconstruct the Personal Symbolic Universe

The Unit phenomenon is an unconscious mechanism reflected in all thought process; therefore tapping one's creativity reveals the personal way of resolving conflict.  

The Conflict Analysis Battery is a psychological assessment instrument combining a relational inventory with projective techniques, tapping creativity and leading to identifying the personal relational modality.and the personal symbolic system.

The Conflict Analysis Battery has been shown to be an extraordinarily valid and reliable instrument.

It is unique as a psychological assessment. It is unique in several respects:

1. It combines both an inventory and projective techniques.

2. It is a theory-based assessment, unlike all other instruments in the field.

3. The assessment process is educational, diagnostic, and therapeutic.

4. It is a user-friendly self-assessment that is combined with an entire emotional educational program, Creativity and Power Management.