The Museum of the Creative Process is happy to announce the opening of it's new campus in Manchester Village. The Moral Science Project, Gallery and Sculpture Park is an interactive learning center that combines experiencing art, being creative, and learning about oneself

Museum Curator, Dr. Albert Levis, a Yale trained psychiatrist with over 40 years of clinical experience, brings conceptual rigor to creativity, exploring how art makes us feel, and how we change through the process of being creative. The Museum exhibits illustrate how art reflects the unconscious' universal need for conflict resolution. Whereas Freud believed the unconscious was driven by needs for sexuality and power, Levis asserts that the mind is oriented towards resolving conflict, transforming energy from conflict to resolution. According to Levis, we can learn about how we each uniquely resolve conflict by being creative. 

While the exhibits at the Wilburton Campus explore how this pattern has evolved cross-culturally in the cultures of ancient Mexico, Greece, Asia, and Judea, the Moral Science Project exhibits highlight the personal relevance of this pattern. These exhibits include the Henry Gorski Retrospective, a collection of 100 canvases by the renowned abstract expressionist, and the outdoor sculpture park. The park's 6 installations explore Levis' own journey, from childhood stress as a holocaust survivor, to teenage response, adult anxiety and defense, to a late in life acceptance of reversal and compromise. 

The Moral Science Project is located at 3814 Main Street, across from the Taconic Hotel.