Moral Science Project

The Moral Science Project introduces science and morality into psychology by studying the creative process as a scientific conflict resolution phenomenon. This order reflects the unconscious as the scientific and moral order unit integrating the social sciences. Psychology integrated with morality and science represents the possibility of making sense to all thinkers and all faithful, revamping psychology and reconciling religions. The redefined unconscious ushers in the era of moral consensus.

This site introduces the application of the concept of the unconscious through the delivery of the Conflict Analysis Battery, a self-assessment using creativity for self-discovery. It represents a concise emotional education. It is available online and also through workshops. It introduces the formal theoretical position by contrasting the moral with the agnostic perspectives: The formal versus the Freudian unconscious, formal wellness versus DSM 5 illness diagnoses, formal theoretical versus atheoretical assessments, and scientific conflict resolution versus dogma-based morality.

The site also introduces the art exhibits of the Museum of the Creative Process illustrating the universal harmonic unconscious across all exhibits and Moral Monopoly, a game of cards with cultural stories illustrating the evolution of religions as discoveries of the Moral Science.

The site presents case-studies illustrating the effectiveness of the self-assessment as a manual driven psychotherapy and as a wellness emotional education program, as well as information about the author and his publications.