Workshops & Training

The Museum of the Creative Process offers a selection of three workshops and training opportunities:  Insight in one hour, enlightenment in one day, and wisdom in one week. The three programs represents a concise and comprehensive emotional education suitable for the general public as well as for those experiencing emotional problems.

The Enlightenment Program is a compliment to the experiential programs. It consists of the guided tour of the five art exhibits of the Museum of the Creative Process delivering information on the concepts of the Moral Science in a systematic fashion. The Insight and the Wisdom programs utilize the Conflict Analysis Battery self-assessment. The Insight program is about a brief self evaluation utilizing two of the battery tests, the personality inventory and the Animal Metaphor Test. This brief assessment is diagnostic but not therapeutic. The Wisdom program includes all tests of the battery, their integration and learning about psychology and about morality. This program is educational, diagnostic and therapeutic.

The self-assessment restructures the concept of therapeutic relationship as it changes the roles of therapist and patient into those of teacher and student. The person comes to insights and therapeutic changes by herself. The on line delivery changes the model of emotional education completely as it consists of effective therapeutic self-learning and personal growth without a therapist or a teacher councilor all together.

This training may be delivered in eductional and therapeutic settings by therapists and teachers. The training is also delivered on the campus of the Wilburton Inn as weekend and mid-week workshops. 

This training is recommended for  a general audience interested in furthering self-knowledge and for professionals interested in strengthening their skills of understanding behavior and morality integrated into the new Moral Science. The program is meaningful and enjoyable for the general public. It is imperative for educators, clinicians, and counselors as it totally rethinks the nature of psychology as the Moral Science. This science redefines the unconscious, it identifies wellness diagnostic categories, it utilizes a new assessment instrument and it integrates psychology, religions and science.

The combination of the scientific study of the process, guided tour of the exhibits, with the self-assessment represent the Wisdom, Power Management Program, a one week long training with a second and third week follow up recommended. It may be delivered in one week, alternatively in two weekends. The programs are delivered at the Wilburton Inn. The food served comes from our partner project, Earth Sky Time Farm grown and prepared by the talented staff of the farm.  


Insight in an Hour

Brief workshop training


Wisdom in a Week

Comprehensive workshop training


Enlightenment in a Day 

Intensive workshop training


Clinical Consultation

Individualized emotional education sessions