Workshops & Training

Visitors are always welcome to enjoy self guided audio tours of the Museum of the Creative Process exhibits. To appreciate the exhibits, we recommend that visitors participate in one of these four weekend activities, lectures, and workshops.  one has to understand the concepts of the scientific analysis of metaphors.

Five workshops are held at our two campuses in Manchester Vermont. Museum of the Creative Process, 257 Wilburton Drive on the grounds of the Wilburton Inn and the Moral Science Project, 3814 Main Street in the heart of Manchester Village across from the Taconic Hotel.

Healing the Person, Healing the World:
This is a total weekend workshop, $150/tuition and is available to Wilburton Inn guests, the community and visitors staying in other hotels. lodging and catering.

Open House cocktail party at the Wilburton Inn: Friday nights May - October, 6-7pm Join us to celebrate a conceptual Revolution integrating art and science through the study of the creative process.  Enjoy a discussion on the breakthrough of an integrative paradigm that promises to Heal the Person and Heal the World. Cash bar featuring Prometheus cocktails in honor of stealing the fire of the gods (wisdom) and giving it to the mortals (our guests!)

Workshop 1: Insight: Introduction to the Creative Process: Inn-site: Saturday at 9:30 -11:00 am at the Moral Science Project: : Overview of the scientific study of the creative process as manifested in the Gorski Retrospective and the sculptural trail in the history of a person, the person is the author of the Formal Theory, as reconstructed through the metaphors of the Conflict Analysis Battery. Introduction to the concepts of the creative process as a scientific phenomenon reviewing the Gorski Retrospective and exploring tapping creativity for self discovery and the validation of the Formal Theory's assumption.

Workshop 2: Creativity for Self Discovery workshop; Saturday at 11-12:30pm,  Participants complete two tests the brief Relational Modality Inventory and the Animal Metaphor Test to discover their personality type and its unfolding to resolution in the emotional rollercoaster of the six role states. 
Both workshops are $50 or individual parts are $30/each. 

Workshop 3: Enlightenment through learning about the Moral Science Saturdays at 3- 5:00pm. Guided tour of the art exhibits at the Wilburton Inn walking the sculptural trail in the history of love, and viewing the exhibits at the Sanctuary of Wizard and Wisdom (Wizard of Oz on outside, wisdom on the insight.) to learn how the creative process integrates the social sciences and the religions of the world. Saturday afternoon consisting in the guided tour of the museum's four art exhibits to learn about the integration of the social sciences into the Moral Science. $30

Workshop 4: Wisdom: Moral Monopoly, Sundays 9:30 - 11:30,  Healing the Person, Healing the World. Learning about psychology of the conflict resolution process as reflected in the structure of the deck of cards. Proceeding to the analysis of cultural stories as complementary discoveries of the Moral Science, which completes their mission for healing the world.  Review of the relevance of the Moral Science for the era of the Globalization of the world. Sunday mornings consists in playing Moral Monopoly, a card game, reconciling religions as a continuum of scientific discoveries completed by the Moral Science. $30

Workshop 5: Midweek Retreat, Creativity and Power Management: A 5 day Emotional Education Retreat
5 nights, $500/tuiton, $200 room and board daily.

The mid-week workshop's educational focus is healing the individual by completing the Conflict Analysis Battery self-assessment using creativity for self-discovery. The battery furthers systematically the initial Insight program, the brief self-evaluation utilizing two of the battery tests, the personality inventory and the Animal Metaphor Test. The program includes all tests of the battery, their integration and learning about oneself.  This program is educational, diagnostic and therapeutic. The self-assessment restructures the concept of therapeutic relationship as it changes the roles of therapist and patient into those of teacher and student. The person comes to insights and therapeutic changes by oneself. The online delivery changes the model of emotional education  as it consists of effective therapeutic self-learning and personal growth without a therapist or a teacher councilor all together, though this training may be delivered in educational and therapeutic settings by therapists and teachers. 

This workshop is about completing the self-assessment battery and its analysis as the key to learning about oneself and also about the new science and technologies. This educational program is combined with a wellness activities: hike, yoga, boating, massage and meals at our organic farm and bakery, the Earth, Sky, Time.
Continuing education credit will be made available.

This training is recommended for those interested in furthering self-knowledge and for professionals interested in understanding behavior and morality integrated into the new Moral Science. The program is meaningful and enjoyable for the general public. It is imperative for educators, clinicians, and counselors as it totally rethinks the nature of psychology as the Moral Science. It redefines the unconscious, it identifies wellness diagnostic categories, it utilizes a new assessment instrument and it integrates psychology, religions and science.

The combination of the scientific study of the process, guided tour of the exhibits, with the self-assessment represent the Power Management Program, a one week long training with a second and third week follow up recommended. It may be delivered in one week at the Wilburton Inn. The food served comes from our partner project, Earth Sky Time Farm grown and prepared by the talented staff of the farm.


This emotional education program helps people gain knowledge, insights and to evolve skills  about using the process; trainees identify their wellness diagnosis, and how to improve their ability to manage power to optimize how to resolve conflicts. This program is based on a self-assessment, the Conflict Analysis Battery; it combines a personality inventory with a set of interactive creativity tasks. While the inventory clarifies one’s relational modality diagnosis, a wellness personality type, the creativity tasks identify how one’s pattern unfolds psychodynamically like a chain reaction along the six-role conflict resolution process. As a way to help process this information, the online delivered Conflict Analysis Battery automatically provides detailed report documenting the learning experience based upon one’s own responses, writings, and reflections. The Conflict Analysis Battery allows us to become readily conscious of our unconscious, gaining the critical insight about how to optimize resolving conflicts.  

This research has broad cultural implications. Our social norms facilitate conflict resolution, maintain order, and inspire communality along the prevalent  moral or normative systems. While these norms are societally useful, they also have limitations. As cultures collide and religious wars rage on, it has become essential to be able to understand the common structure that underpins our different religions as measurable narratives. Our theoretical method understands how our societies resolve conflict, bringing scientific clarity to the domain of conflict resolution. Politics may benefit from a shift of moral paradigms from trusting stories, as metaphors of conflict resolution, to interpreting them with the science of conflict resolution. See comments on the Moral Monopoly game of cards.

To learn about the relevance of this innovation in your own life, try our online emotional education program or join us for the introductory workshop.

The weekend workshop is suitable for the general public as well as for professionals seeking training.




 Introduction to the Creative Process: 


Insight Workshop

At the Moral Science Project, Saturday AM


Wisdom and 

Review Workshop

At the Museum, Sunday AM


Enlightenment: Moral Science Workshop


At the Museum, Saturday PM


Creativity for Self-discovery




Mid Week