THE MUSEUM of the Creative Process

Welcome to the Museum of the Creative Process, a center of creative discovery, innovative research, and intellectual retreat. More than just an art center, the Museum bridges art and science to gain insight into human relations. Dedicated to bringing emotional education to the public, the Museum provides online learning programs and in-person workshops at our campus in Manchester Vermont.

The Museum conceptualizes the creative process as being a scientific phenomenon, a dynamic unit that transforms emotional energy from conflict to resolution. It recognizes that the creative process corresponds to the innate human need to resolve conflict. Through examining our creativity, we can appreciate the inner working of the human mind, allowing us a new ability to understand ourselves and society, to appreciate our strengths, and overcome our limitations.

Unlike other museums, The Museum of the Creative Process shifts focus from content to process. Rather than evaluating art aesthetically, the Museum explores the experience of being creative, how creativity impacts us, and how our stories define our cultures and civilizations. Rather than promoting one story above another, the Museum teaches us how to interpret stories and thus to liberate ourselves from oppressive ideologies.  

In art, we find science. in science, we find morality. In our stories, we find a path towards insight and enlightenment. Join us to transform your story.

Online Power Management Training

The Conflict Analysis Battery is an interactive learning program unlike any other psychological test or intervention. It is based on the scientific evaluation of the unconscious as a measurable mechanism, connecting emotions and behaviors into a conflict resolution pattern. It is didactic, diagnostic and therapeutic, valid and reliable, yet responsive, humanistic, and meaningful. Completing the program is both an intellectual and an emotional experience. It is a concise, personalized program of emotional education that may be used both as a routine self-evaluation and in the context of training or therapy. Our vision is that it become the standard psychological evaluation, but also that it be used within the classroom, the boardroom, and the prison, allowing personal growth with minimal need for professional services. Click here to read more about the Museum's online training program. 


The Museum of the Creative Process, offers a selection of three workshops and training opportunities:  Insight in one hour, enlightenment in one day, and wisdom in one week. The Enlightenment Program is a compliment to the experiential programs. It consists of the guided tour of the five art exhibits of the Museum of the Creative Process delivering information on the concepts of the Moral Science in a systematic fashion. The Insight program centers on self-discovery utilizing the Relational Modality Evaluation Scale and the Animal Metaphor Test. The Wisdom program includes all parts of the battery, focusing on their integration and personal relevance. The workshops are recommended for a general audience interested in furthering self-knowledge and for professionals interested in strengthening their skills of understanding behavior and morality. Click here to read more about the Museum's workshops. 

Moral Monopoly 

Moral Monopoly is an educational card-game introducing the formal analysis of cultural stories as a progression of scientific discoveries improving family relations and the definition of the divine. The game respects the religion as moral monopolies but integrates them as complementary discoveries of the Moral Science. The game utilizes the structure of the deck of cards as a metaphor illustrating the three components of the unconscious: the four suits corresponding to four relational modalities, the cards of each suit reflecting the syndromal six-role process structure of stories, and the signage of the suits, spade to heart, reflecting symbolically incremental effectiveness. Click here to read more about the Moral Monopoly game.